Read a bit about Cotranslating below and find out why you should trust us.


  • Cotranslating is the brainchild of two professional freelance translators. Founded in 2013, this project has allowed us to pool our translation skills and expertise, and to encourage collaboration as a means to add value to our translation projects.
  • In line with the coworking trend, as a translation company and language service provider, our innovative work philosophy focuses on collaboration and a shared use of resources and knowledge.
  • Our team is currently leaded by Carme, degree-holding translator with extensive experience.
  • Cotranslating is not a freelance translator. Freelance translators usually work alone and revise their own translations.
  • Cotranslating is not a conventional translation agency. Translation agencies source out their projects resorting to intermediaries and to project managers to distribute the workload between several freelance translators and in-house employees.
  • The prefix CO is linked to communication, correction, cooperation and collaboration – concepts that go hand in hand with our concept of TRANSLATING.
  • The name says it all: Cotranslating stands for teamwork. We work together on our translation projects.
  • We supervise the entire translation and proofreading workflow from the minute we receive your files to the moment we send them back to you. This includes the reception, handling, translation, proofreading, quality assurance and the delivery of your files.
  • We really push the envelope when it comes to quality assurance: for instance, translations are proofread to spot style flaws and to remove terminological inconsistencies.
  • The quality of our translations and the privacy of your content are guaranteed. Any documentation provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.