Key linguistic services for international trade fairs

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Trade fairs are a major platform for promoting export companies. Choosing the right fair for each sector and target market is just as important as preparing your presence at these international events.

Many preparation tasks require investment in linguistic services (translation, interpretation, transcreation or adapting advertising). A good service in English (or the language of the host country) ensures sales with no misunderstandings and contributes to your success.

Here are some of the linguistic services you should take into account when attending international trade fairs.

Before the fair:

Fair invitation translation. Sending an invitation by e-mail or post to potential clients is essential: include a brief summary of the developments that will be presented at the fair, possible discounts, stand number and contact details. The invitation must be brief and visual and it must have an attractive message in the language of the potential buyer (or in English).

Telephone interpreting, multilingual telemarketing. In some countries a telephone call is more effective than sending e-mails and telemarketing is a must (preferably in their language).

Business card translation. Don’t forget something as simple as translating and adapting business cards. Including a QR code (that redirects to the website in English) is a practical option for this type of event.

Website translation. Translating the company website to the languages of the target market is getting a step ahead of what’s to come. Potential buyers will appreciate it and this will increase sales opportunities.

Promotional material translation (advertising). Translating the brand slogan to feature it in a prominent place in the stand or translating product leaflets or catalogues are essential details. Adverts placed in specialised foreign press must be accompanied by a good translation and adaptation of the advertising message (transcreation).

Professional interpretation or personnel with language skills. We recommend having personnel who speak the language of the trade fair host country. At this type of event, it is important to understand each other and not to miss any opportunity.

Press release translation. To get international press to talk about your brand you must prepare a press dossier in English (and/or the local language) with product images and a summary of the most important developments.

After the fair:

Collecting and translating news and brand references in the press. Knowing what media is talking about your company (press, bloggers, specialist journals, etc.) and what they are saying will help you to analyse and design future sales actions. You can even create a section on your website to include the most relevant references to your brand in the international press.

Sales contract translation. We recommend drafting contracts with buyers and distributors or agents in the language of both parties. Remember that a sworn translation of the contract is not necessary; a specialised translation will be enough.

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-Finally, you must follow-up on visitors to the stand: send an e-mail to thank visitors, deal with any queries or orders received, prepare a press release to communicate brand achievements and next steps in the target markets, etc.

Cotranslating offers the linguistic services you need for international trade fairs. Don’t wait till the last minute and contact us. You can get a 10% discount on your first order.

Remember: it’s not just about translating each word, but about adapting your message to the target market. Cotranslating takes into account cultural differences and analyses the characteristics of the text to get your message across in the target language.

Go on, take the leap! Think international!

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