What services does Cotranslating offer?

  • Our range of services includes translation, proofreading, editing and interpreting, as well as language consulting and quality control. For detailed information, go to Services.


  • How long does it take to translate or proofread a document? Show

    Our turnaround time will depend on the volume, technical nature and resources invested. Cotranslating recommends you leave plenty of time for your translation. Working with a reasonable deadline will allow us to handle the translation or proofreading project in the best possible manner, with ample time to research the subject and deliver the best possible quality.

  • What languages does Cotranslating work with? Show

    Cotranslating’s in-house team works between the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan (including the Valencian variant). In addition, we have a network of experienced professional translators and proofreaders to deliver top quality services in other languages.

  • Are all texts translated and proofread in the same way? Show

    • No, we tackle each project on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the text. Translating the statutes of a company is nothing like translating a mobile app. We have included a few examples broken down by field below.
    • General non-specialized translation: personal communications, commercial communications with no specialized jargon, general articles...
    • Tourism, travel and hospitality industry: tourist guides, audio guides, leaflets, menus...
    • Humanistic translation: reviews, books, magazines, essays...
    • Legal and sworn translation: contracts, agreements, certificates, university degrees, statutes...
    • Economic and financial translation: market research, reports, balance sheets...
    • Scientific and technical translation: technical machinery, medical research, environmental reports...
    • Marketing and commercial translation: advertising, banners, catalogues, press releases...
    • Audiovisual translation: films, documentaries, scripts...
    • Translation and localization: websites, software, apps for website and smartphones...
  • What happens before you translate a text? Show

    • We receive your files.
    • We process the project directly – no intermediaries involved.
    • We examine the original files, run a word count and determine the most appropriate translation and proofreading tools.
    • If necessary, we solve terminology issues. This involves creating glossaries, translation memories and style guides.
    • We assign work to translators based on their profile and expertise given the subject-matter and the type of client. Depending on the volume of text and the nature of the project, the linguists may be the Cotranslating team or external translators.
  • What happens when you are translating a text? Show

    • While translating, translators may have questions and queries. Our team will handle these queries in-house and refer to the client when needed.
    • We update the glossary assigned to the project as we work on the translation.
  • How do to ensure quality in translation and proofreading projects? Show

    • Translators revise their work before delivering the translation.
    • The proofreader checks the translation to spot mistakes, style errors or inconsistencies with the glossary.
    • The translator checks the corrections and inserts them in the text.
    • A team member runs a QA check of the files.
  • As a client, can I take part in the translation or proofreading process? Show

    Of course! Client participation is extremely important before and after the translation and proofreading process. Once a quotation has been accepted, the client can provide background information to help the translation or proofreading team do their job. Once the files are delivered, comments are welcome and will be inserted in the final translation if pertinent.

  • Do you guarantee document confidentiality? Show

    Any documentation provided will be treated in the strictest confidence, with the high security standards. Cotranslating implements special measures to avoid third parties accessing client information. We are also willing to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.


  • I need help writing content for my website or blog... How can Cotranslating help? Show

    We can create content for websites from scratch or update your existing content. We can also help you write commercial material and posts for your corporate blog. We gather information on your idea and turn your concept into a textual reality.


  • I know there are different types of interpreting, which one do I need? Show

    The most common types of interpreting are liaison, whispered, simultaneous, consecutive and telephone interpreting. Tell us where you’re going (interview, meeting, negotiation, conference, trial, etc.) so that we can help you find the modality best suited to your needs and provide you with a professional interpreter. When it comes to business, communication needs to flow.

  • What documentation does an interpreter need to prepare for the event? Show

    Interpreters need to research the subject matter in-depth in advance. Therefore, we recommend you provide us with relevant information for the interpreter before the event. E.g. You can prepare a package with the conference program, catalogues and corporate terminology glossaries, interview questions, the speaker’s script, etc.


  • I want to learn French and English remotely… Can you help me? Show

    Cotranslating provides online language lessons using Skype or other free programs. You can study and practice languages at home or wherever suits you best with native qualified teachers.

  • Real examples of our students Show

    • María

      23 years old, degree in English for Primary Education, sub teacher

      Goal: to get her oral English up to scratch in preparation for her public examinations

      Solution: specialized English lessons with Cotranslating

    • Sara

      29 years old, architect, recently got a job in Paris

      Goal: to learn French ASAP to secure a pay rise

      Solution: general French lessons with Cotranslating

    • Carles

      30 years old, graphic designer, job hunting in Germany

      Goal: to improve his basic level of German to find a qualified job in Germany

      Solution: general German lessons with Cotranslating

    • They all trusted Cotranslating to achieve their goals.