Cotranslating launches blog about communication and languages.


A blog about communication and languages analyzed from a linguistic perspective with a focus on the business side of things,
by Carme and Laura

After months of hard work, Hangouts, comments from friends, relatives and colleagues, decisions, indecision, stress, excitement… It’s a pleasure to finally bring you the blog we’ve created at Cotranslating, our linguistic services company.

The founders met 11 long years ago when they were studying Translation and Interpreting at the Universitat Jaume I. We always dreamt of developing a joint venture like this, which would allow us to pool our experiences and provide top-quality, well-rounded services to our clients and give us an edge in the business world. Check out the Cotranslating Team section on our web site to read all about us. Nice to meet you!

We guess you’re wondering about the name Cotranslating. The word says it all: the prefix CO is linked to communication, cooperation, collaboration and correction, concepts that go hand in hand with our concept of TRANSLATING.

The blog will feature personal posts about our interests and professional expertise alongside other posts based on anecdotes, stories and experiences about the clients and companies that work with us. We are aware that languages and communication are the key to commercial activities in many sectors.

That’s it for now. We’ll be back soon with interesting posts on topics we are passionate about. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Don’t be shy! Follow the blog and take part!!

Interested in our project? Visit our web site!

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