Cotranslating participates in Enrédate Valencia 2013


Last Friday the Enrédate Valencia 2013 Day took place in Alzira. This event has as its main goals to facilitate networking between successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs in order to strengthen commercial networks and support entrepreneurship.

The day was marked by the high participation of attendees in its different workshops with stimulating titles such as “Hacer empresa y no morir en el intento” (Run your business yet not die trying) or “Hazlo bien y hazlo saber: potenciando tu comunicación” (Do it well and let it be known: strengthen your communication”. Entrepreneurs, marketing experts and businesspeople stressed the importance of active and responsible use of social media as the driving force for promotion and visibility of one’s company, as well as a positive and persistent attitude to make your business project grow.

Apart from the scheduled workshops, the cloisters of Alzira Cultural Centre was the setting of a networking café to allow participants exchange points of view, business experiences and present their project in a more relaxing environment.

Cotranslating’s team enjoyed the event, as we had the chance to meet entrepreneurs and very interesting projects, above all because we could discern the most important aspects we have to take into account to make Cotranslating go far.

These are the three key points all speakers stressed as essential to make a business succeed:

  1. Visibility and communication: One must use social media to make oneself visible and attract potential clients. The content you post on social media and your webpage must be relevant and a reflection of what you want to transmit as a company.
  2. Professionalism: You need to have impeccable presentation, offer quality services and take care of relationships with clients.
  1. Optimism: you must believe in your project despite any adverse circumstance. Optimism transmits energy and strength. This has a positive influence on the perception clients have of your company.

It seems we are on the right path. The experts say so!

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