• TRANSLATION – We help you understand and reach a greater audience

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    Translation involves identifying and understanding the concepts in the source text before finding equivalents in the target language. A good translation reads well, sounds natural and is consistent. Our mission is to improve communication and avoid misunderstandings. With this in mind, Cotranslating always considers cultural differences and analyzes the particularities of each text so as to apply the most suitable translation techniques.

    Our texts are translated by professional, specialized translators with an excellent command of the source language who translate only into their native language.


    • General non-specialized translation
    • Tourism, travel and hospitality industry
    • Humanistic translation
    • Legal and sworn translation
    • Economic and financial translation
    • Scientific and technical translation
    • Marketing and commercial translation
    • Audiovisual translation
    • Translation and localization (IT and websites)

    We polish up your texts and solve your queries . We will be happy to help you with any language-related issue and can proofread both original work and translations. Our mission is to polish the quality of your texts. Cotranslating can edit texts to correct spelling, content flaws, syntax and grammar errors and to impose consistency and coherence. This service is geared towards individuals and companies who would like an impeccable letter of introduction, written in a natural style, and want to improve their image. Texts are proofread and edited by professionals who pay special attention to detail and have a flair for language.


    We express your ideas clearly and efficiently. We can write content for any format (digital, online or print), adapted to the needs of each project. You need to phrase your ideas clearly, accurately and effectively, and Cotranslating will help you find the right tone to take your message to your target audience. We can also translate your texts into your clients’ language and help you adapt the message and commercial texts to the culture of the target market. In addition to creating texts from scratch, we can also update websites and blogs. This service is very useful for people and companies looking to create or update websites, blogs and content platforms. We provide you with texts crafted by professional writers and communicators.

INTERPRETING – We help you communicate in multilingual contexts


    157997-20130523We provide interpreting services for all sorts of communicative situations. Do you need an interpreter for business travels? Are you expecting a partner who doesn’t speak your language? Do you require a multilingual professional for a corporate stand at a trade fair?

    Cotranslating can guarantee successful communications in other languages. Our services adapt to the needs of your company and guarantee the strictest confidence and highest security standards. Our team of highly qualified and experienced interpreters master the languages used in the communication.


    • Chuchotage (whispered interpreting)
    • Liaison interpreting
    • Simultaneous interpreting
    • Consecutive interpreting
    • Telephone interpreting